Every new YACHT song is better than the last. #smiangle

Really digging the beat and 80s guitar solos on the opening track from the new The Juan Maclean album.

Where Does This Disco? is about love and compact discs. They’re both on the edge of becoming obsolete, and they both get scratched if you play them too hard. They’re both mirrors, but one is still the best medium we have for connecting with each other.

IBM and James Murphy turned tennis match data into music. This is a remix of one of James Murphy’s favorite matches.

Track Description:
When a young player beats a top-seeded player, like in this match from August 25th, it’s bound to make some noise. And in this case, that noise is glorious: a series of simple, almost sweet opening notes that slowly transform into unexpectedly intense, mature sounds. Beats bubble up from out of nowhere, swiftly take over and set the track in an uncompromising new direction. Hear how James portrays the swagger of the younger player and the relentless drama of the match in the deep, pulsing beats.

For uncut, original tracks and more of James’ remixes, visit: ibm.com/usopen

Already on my second listen (in a row). Can jazz rap be a genre now?

"We’ve got life right in the pocket"


Thanks to Jack White for melting everyone’s faces at Bill Graham last night.

Little Green Cars - The John Wayne